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10.50 mm 4 Legged Sheet Metal Trock TR0010

10.50 mm 4 Legged Sheet Metal Trock TR0010
5 or more 2.46USD/Pack
10 or more 2.15USD/Pack
20 or more 1.92USD/Pack
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: EVA Aksesuar
  • Model: TR0010
  • Weight: 100.00g
  • SKU: TR0010
  • Location: İstanbul İkitelli Mağaza

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Kinds of Selling
Package :It is sold in 250 pieces / package and its multiples.
MoldNailing is done with special fastening molds. When nailing, it is important to pay attention to close nails.
Covered ColorsNickel, Black Nickel, Antique Yellow, (Usually the colors in our stock. You can contact our store for color information on your Trok orders. You can contact our customer representatives via WhatsApp or contact page for order and information.
Suitable Usage AreaThe use of leather sector, slipper and shoe sector, belt and bag sector is widespread in textile sector and dresses.

Prong rivets are utility tools which are used for decorating handbags,  belts,  jackets,  upholstery,  and canvas items.  Featuring pointed spikes,  these leather rivets pierce through the thickness of fabrics and aids in securely tying it together.  Crafted with premium-quality materials these rivets do not attract rust easily and offer superior resistance against normal wear and tear.  The shiny finish resists scratches and maintains the new-like look for longer,  enhancing the visual appeal of the furniture covers and other articles on which these ornamental rivets are used.

Sewing Tool:  Designed to fasten fabrics functionally and decoratively,  these dome prong rivets add a finishing touch to bags,  belts,  shoes,  jackets,  and various other products. 
Durable Construction:  The prong studs are manufactured with finest grade materials that ensure sturdiness and long-term use.  The smooth and shiny finish adds to the durability,  making it immune to normal wear.
Easy To Use:  These fabric rivets do not require any assembly.  They have pointed legs that easily pierce through the material and can be bent to secure the fabric or upholstery together.
Applications:  These round prong rivets are used in various utilitarian projects such as sails,  canvas signage,  shop aprons,  jewelry designing,  sewing,  furniture covers,  and much more.
Product Specifications:  The decorative prong rivets are available in 10,5 mm size and silver color.  Each pack contains 250 pieces.
Our special plating process to makes for shiny smooth finished rivets. Use with our other coordinating hardware.

To apply your rivets you may be interested in our grommet press machine and die set


  • The price offered is valid for standard colors, without enamel and stone, for products with enamel and stone decoration, the price difference is equal to the price of enamel and stone.
  • The quoted price is one retail price.
  • Rules to be Considered in Retail Orders:

1- If the product is available for sale in one piece, shipping is made from the Colors Available in Stock for orders of 500 pieces or less, and we request you to order a minimum (1 Dozen) of 12 pieces or its multiples.
2 - If the product is sold in the form of a package, it is sent from the Colors Available in Stock for orders of 2 packages or less.

  • Our company will try to contact you by phone and other communication channels in order to clarify the Color and Quantity options for both order situations.
  • For orders of 500 pieces or more, the color preferred by the customer is coated and sent with a delay of 3-4 business days.
  • Please ask for price for purchases (5000 pieces and above).
  • For colors other than standard colors, solid colors, enamel, stone and glass stone products, please see the Special Coating Colors tab or contact us.
  • In the case of quantity orders, work is done with the logo of your company and according to your design. Please contact us.
  • There may be color tone differences between the visual and the real product due to light reflection in the photographing of the products.
  • For international shipping (DHL shipping fee is reflected for orders from countries with shipping) and for shipping costs, please contact us.


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Delivery Times are valid according to the destination times given by DHL and TNT.
• Our Customers: If they request the shipment of their products from Istanbul Aksaray, please contact us.


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We currently accept Credit Cards as payment for ALL International transactions.
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We apologize for this inconvenience, but this policy is strictly enforced to establish an order history and to better serve you in the future.

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  • We will not resend an order under any circumstances unless the parcel is recorded as lost or damaged according to your country's postal regulations. In this case, we will make an insurance claim on the package and the products can be re-shipped once the claim is paid.


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