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Zipper Pulls and Pullers

3 cm sweatpants and coat zipper pulls are made of zamak metal. Add a sporty look to your purchased zippers without a drawer with our pullers. It is durable and solid. It can be safely used as a women's coat, tracksuit zipper pull, bag zipper pull. You can buy at least 12 units and multiples of t..
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Metal zipper pullers are made of aluminum, brass and zamak metal, which is more durable than rubber silicone/PVC, nylon, resin, leather, cloth material. However, as a vital zipper accessory, metal zipper pullers have a wide range of uses in clothing and daily use. We manufacture and supply custom personalized zipper with logo for fashion brands, such as jeans, jackets, outerwear coats, backpacks, bags, wallets etc.

Metal zipper pullers are specific for various brands. Whether it's a small or medium-sized business or a large brand. We will try to help different according to customers' requests. You can get different models of zipper pullers such as fancy zipper pullers, cheap zipper pullers, decorative beaded zipper pullers, removable zipper pullers. It is easy and possible to customize, even with company-specific colors.


Details of Metal Zipper Pullers

  • Pattern: Engraving, embossing, laser printing etc.
  • Features: Durable, soft, elegant and serious;
  • Applications: High quality jackets, coats, leather garments, ski coats, down jackets, denim garments, casual wear, winter wear, handbags etc;
  • Packing: Inner packing with PP bag, outer packing with export carton;


Metal Zipper Pullers Lengths and Measurements

According to the usage area, metal zipper pullers are mainly 3#, 4#, 5#, 7#, 8# etc. It is produced for type zippers. Pullers size varies according to the size of the zipper teeth. The grip size is larger as we often use it on jeans, jackets and backpacks.

Then we can measure with vernier caliper and meter ruler.

Zipper No: 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#, 6#, 8#, 9#;

Size (cm): 2.5~3.85; 3.9~4.8; 4.9~5.4; 5.5~6.2; 6.3~7.0; 7.2~8.0; 8.7~9.2;


Metal Zipper Pulls Color

The colors of the metal zipper pullers can be glossy or matte. Such as gold, silver, antique yellow, nickel, black nickel; Green/red bronze, white/yellow plated, black nickel, black/white nickel etc. Generally, the color of the zipper pullers should match the color of the metal zipper teeth. Then we can design pullers according to the color specified by the customer. Click to get more colors, types, samples for metal zipper pullers.

Metal Zipper Pullers Types
We know that the materials of metal zipper pullers are mainly zamak, brass and aluminum alloy. However, zamak is the best-selling and most cost-effective material. Generally, customers will choose zinc alloy (zamak) to make unique metal zipper pulls with logo. The reasons are:

Zinc Alloy - Zamak Zipper Pullers - Pullers

Zinc alloy (zamak) zipper pullers are liquefied at high temperatures and cast with customer-specific molds in the size and shape of the customer. Then we polish and electroplate it to the corresponding color. Meanwhile, the edges of its zinc alloy pullers are smooth and shiny. It can be made in different colors and sizes and its prices are more affordable. Therefore, Zamak (zinc alloy) zipper pullers are the most cost-effective.

Brass Zipper Pullers

Brass zipper pullers are relatively soft and have sharper edges. Because they are thinner and also more expensive and deformed more quickly than zinc alloys.

Aluminum Zipper Pullers

Abrasives for aluminum zipper pullers are more expensive and have extremely rough edges. The whole is made and then cut with a die. Yet the color of the cutting edge is the color of the material itself. Also, the color of aluminum is a bit like silver. Therefore, they have limited color and choice for demanding customers.


Removable Metal Zipper Pullers

We are also a manufacturer and supplier of detachable grips. If your zipper pulls are broken, you don't have to worry! These pullers fit almost any zipper type. They are also flexible and durable, not easy to break. Therefore, they are long-lived.


Customize the Shape of Metal Zipper Pullers

We customize zipper pullers according to our customers' needs. For example, rectangular pullers, square pullers, oval pullers, triangle pullers, heart-shaped pullers, circular pullers and logo pullers, enamel pullers, letter-shaped pullers, custom shapes, etc. We can also produce unique engraved, embossed or 3D embossed logos. Of course, the zipper pullers can also be stoned.

If you tell us your favorite style, samples, quantity, our designers can custom-made for you.