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Metal Labels

Dimensions: 120x20mm Thickness: 0.5mm Hole Diameter: 15.4x2.7mm..
1.69 £/pcs
Dimensions: 140x17mm Thickness: 0.5mm Hole Diameter: 2mm..
2.08 £/pcs
Our collar product is made of metal. The product is resistant to rust. Some shoe and bag companies prefer to use it as an ornament on the collar of the clothing in order to add attractiveness to their products.The product consists of 1 piece.Application; Depending on the usage area of the p..
1.30 £/pcs
Dimensions: 130x20mm Thickness: 0.5mm Hole Diameter: 2mm..
1.43 £/pcs
Dimensions: 30x18mm Thickness: 0.6mm Hole Diameter: 3mm..
0.50 £/pcs
Dimensions: 30mm Thickness: 0.4mm Hole Diameter: 3.2mm..
0.44 £/pcs
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